We are an exclusive personal training studio that provides individualized and group fitness training and performance enhancement programs. We provide our clients a safe, positive, and supportive environment, which helps them, achieve peak physical performance and build stamina to enjoy daily life activities, and realize long-term health benefits.

Functional training can help you maximize results that include:

  • Reducing body fat and weight
  • Increasing muscle tone and strength
  • Improve stamina and endurance

What is Functional Training?

Functional training is a revolutionary approach that provides strength and conditioning exercises to support how you move, work and play every day. This training methodutilizes functional movement patterns for a complete fitness program, addressing movement efficiency, balance, flexibility, strength, coordination, speed, power and endurance. In essence, functional training is an intelligent training system that corrects imbalances and strengthens and stabilizes weak muscles from the inside out.

Services we offer:

  • TRX Suspension Training
  • Pre and Post Natal
  • Boxing and Kick Boxing
  • Post Rehab
  • Boot Camps
  • Sport Specific Speed and Agility
  • One-on-One and group strength training